Bhakti Sargam

Launching of Bhakti Sargam 2018
“Bhajans to enlighten your life and spiritually charge your soul”
Don’t be part of the norm on July 14, 2018 but be part of the leaders of tomorrow, those that are blessed to be among the divine, those motivated by a higher being to experience supreme bliss of Bhakti Sargam 2018 on July14, 2018.
Set aside a few hours to recharge your mind, rejuvenate the body and experience what many have experience in the past but are looking forward to. These few hours at Bhakti Sargam 2018 is an opportunity not to be missed with talented pandits from different arrays of life. Chant the lord’s name under one umbrella creating an environment that is needed in this age we live.
Rejuvenate your soul with soulful Bhajans – Bhakti Sargam 2018

The Cast

(More to be added to the Cast)
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